Past Concert

Geneva, March 2018

On Vicente Parrilla, Hadrien Jourdan, Bor Zuljan, Le Concert Brisé, Pierre Boragno, Denis Raisin Dadre and William Dongois performed at Salle d’audition - CPMDT, Centre musical de Petit-Lancy in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ganassi Symposium at Geneva (Switzerland)

March 9–11, 2018. Masterclass and performance featuring Ganassi’s embellishments as collected in Fontegara (1535) with Hadrien Jourdan, Bor Zuljan, William Dongois, Denis Raisin Dadre, Pierre Boragno and Le Concert Brisé.

Ganassi’s Opera Intitulata Fontegara, 1535, woodcut

Here is the full programme (PDF).

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