GLOSAS: New CD Now Available

The wait is over. I’m proud to present GLOSAS, More Hispano’s third CD: a very personal project which brings together original and unpublished material, and one that I’ve had in mind for a long time — once again, a challenge.

If our previous recording (Yr a oydo, 2010) intended to confront the enormous demand posed today by improvisation within early music, the main idea behind “Glosas” is to produce a disc in which each and every note I play are, in one form or another, mine (except, of course, for the original melodies): improvised, composed, or —in the case of Ganassi’s glosas— chosen by me.

GLOSAS. CD cover


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“The star of this recording is recorder player, Vicente Parrilla, who has so consumed the model books that he can now speak their musical language with confidence and freedom and create truly modern performances. Parrilla should be considered among the most expressive and technically proficient modern recorder players.”

American Record Guide, Nov/Dec 2011

“Parrilla ofrece un amplio muestrario de recursos virtuosísticos. Los resultados son de una frescura, una espontaneidad y una vitalidad por completo subyugantes”.

Scherzo, January 2012


  1. De tous biens playne — Roelkin (fl. 15th c.) / H. van Ghizeghem (ca. 1445-1497) [04:18]
  2. Chi me dara piu pace — Marchetto Cara (ca. 1465-1525) [04:01]
  3. Per dolor me bagno il viso — Bartolomeo Tromboncino (1470-d.1534) [05:32]
  4. Mille regretz — Luys de Narváez (fl. 1526-49) / J. des Prez [03:31]
  5. Mille regretz — Josquin des Prez (ca. 1450-1521) [04:03]
  6. Igno soave — Philippe Verdelot (ca. 1480-ca.1530) [06:19]
  7. Madonna per voi ardo — Philippe Verdelot [05:46]
  8. Anchor che col partire — Cipriano de Rore (ca.1515-1565) [06:33]
  9. Une jeune fillette — Anon. (pub. 1576) [05:44]
  10. Doulce Memoire — Pierre Regnault dit Sandrin (ca. 1490-ca.1560) [03:59]
  11. Counterpoint on Ave Maris Stella — Vicente Parrilla (*1977) [02:49]
  12. Counterpoint on La Spagna — Diego Ortiz (ca. 1510-1570) / Vicente Parrilla [03:44]
  13. Diferencias sobre La Dama le demanda — Antonio de Cabezón (ca. 1510-1566) [02:38]
  14. Passacaglia — (free improvisation) [09:15]

Free Music Scores

The GLOSAS CD sheet music, now available as free download.

Embellishments credits

  • Improvised embellishments (glosas) by Vicente Parrilla: track 1
  • Embellishments by Vicente Parrilla after S. Ganassi (1535): tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 10
  • Embellishments by Vicente Parrilla: tracks 5, 8, 9

Video from the recording session

Passacaglia improvisation

A video of the Passacaglia improvisation, filmed live during the recording sessions of GLOSAS

A video of the Passacaglia improvisation, filmed live during the recording sessions of GLOSAS (track 14).

Audio Samples

Listen to audio samples

Photos from the recording session

GLOSAS. Recording session. Jesús Fernández, Raquel Andueza, Vicente Parrilla & Fahmi Alqhai
Miguel Rincón & Vicente Parrilla during a late night recording of the passacaglia improvisation on track 14
Fahmi Alqhai & Vicente Parrilla
Vicente Parrilla, Raquel Andueza & Álvaro Garrido

More Hispano. The Musicians

GLOSAS was recorded at the same time as our previous disc, taking advantage of the available gaps during four hectic days in April of 2009 when we recorded Yr a oydo, which was a terrific effort on the part of the musicians involved, who I thank from my heart.

Vicente Parrilla, recorders & musical direction
Raquel Andueza, soprano
Miguel Rincón, vihuela, theorbo and guitar
Fahmi Alqhai, viola da gamba
Rami Alqhai, viola da gamba
Johanna Rose, viola da gamba
Jesús Fernández, lute, theorbo and guitar
Javier Núñez, harpsichord
Álvaro Garrido, percussion


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