Here is a wide variety of audio samples: from CD extracts to home recordings, along with live recordings from several concerts.

Passacaglia improvisation (Live, Warsaw 2014)


Audio samples from GLOSAS (2011)


Same GLOSAS programme, performed live in Warsaw on May 16, 2014 (full concert)


Enrico Pieranunzi & Vicente Parrilla — First meeting


Improvisations on La Spagna (Live in Coimbra and Oporto 2014)


Audio samples from Yr a oydo (2010):


Audio samples from Canzoni, Fantasie et Correnti (1999):


How about a freely improvised solo piece (with percussion accompaniment)?


Another free improvisation, after having performed Hugh Aston's Mask


Bach BWV 1034: III Andante (encore) — Recorded live on August 16, 2013 in Sevilla